This dll has dependencies on Newtonsoft.Json

Create sample 10 sample data for the class poco:
List<PocoEvents> EventsList = SamplerServices<PocoEvents>.CreateSampleData(10);

Save sample data for later use.

Load the saved sample data
var eventList = SamplerServices<PocoEvents>.LoadSavedFile();

Create sample data with options
     SamplerOptions options = new SamplerOptions();
     options.PropertyOptions.Add("Id", SamplerOptions.Options.IsUnique);
     options.PropertyOptions.Add("LongText", SamplerOptions.Options.Paragraph);
     options.PropertyOptions.Add("CreatedDt", SamplerOptions.Options.IsUnique);
     List<PocoEvents> EventsList = SamplerServices<PocoEvents>.CreateSampleData(100, options);

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jsucupira Oct 2, 2013 at 3:55 PM 
For more sample I suggest looking at the Unit Test called "GetSampleDataTest.cs"